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Long-Range Europe Limited is a reputable private limited company established in 2001 with the aim of providing a reliable platform for manufacturers in the West African sub-region seeking reliable access to high-quality fluid-handling equipment, pharmaceutical ingredients and equipment. We provide these services by leveraging on our existing strategic partnerships with reliable overseas manufacturers. These partnerships take the forms of us acting as pharmaceutical ingredient procurement and distribution agent, product marketing consultants and consultants on speciality products and new product development.  Our overseas partners benefit by establishing a foothold and those already present can further strengthen their market positions in West Africa.


The complex mix of local regulatory frameworks and peculiar business practices in developing countries present unique challenges to overseas manufacturers. Long-Range has established an excellent track record in helping our partners safely navigate the terrain. Our international partners can always rely on us to connect them to potential customers in the oil, food, pharmaceutical and textiles industries through provision of any required infrastructure and a creative combination of our local market knowledge and international skillsets. We also provide ongoing aftersales maintenance and support to our local clients.


In all our operations and processes, we remain true to our core values of integrity, reliability and professionalism. We are constantly reviewing and improving our processes to ensure strict adherence to applicable local and international regulatory industrial and financial frameworks while discharging our contractual obligations.


Our business model delivers value to all stakeholders and partners at competitive prices. Our extensive sales channels and distribution networks across Nigeria, Ghana and other West African countries ensure that our customers in this region receive the best possible services and technical support as needed.  

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